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Through ConsumerChoice – Payroc’s consumer driven
processing program, the choice factor is ingrained full circle.

Merchant chooses the amount of
processing acceptance costs they wish to pass on to
the consumer

Consumer is presented with dual-pricing, and
decides the payment method for the transaction
(CASH PRICE and CARD PRICE Presented at time of

Consumer Choice BENEFITS

  • Eliminates All Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Technology empowering the consumer with the CHOICE to select a cash price or a card price!
  • Net settle daily – No EOM billing for processing!
  • Featuring Same Day Money Express INCLUDED at no extra fee (Same Day Money Express: a robust product available with all Payroc processing products, normally $12.95/month)
  • Merchant does not have to raise default pricing
  • Simply provide the customer with the Choice to pay one price for cash or a slightly higher price for a card transaction (credit or debit)
  • Displays cash and card pricing with approved POS or standalone device, the customer chooses at the POS

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Consumer Choice

No Contracts

Cut Processing Costs to Zero on Month End Statement

No-cost program fee

Free Same Day Money